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Polycom VVX 600


Polycom VVX 600
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Instrukcja dla: Polycom VVX 600
Polycom VVX 600


Polycom? VVX? 500, VVX? 600 and VVX? Camera Best Practices Guide
Having a video-phone on your desk changes how you Communicate for the better
Getting used to the device and getting the most out of the potential of video enabled unified communications however is a process. Learn from the experience of others - read this pamphlet to benefit from the best practices and hot tips we have collected from the early adopters of the VVX 500 & 600 Business Media Phones. To fully appreciate the value of advanced unified communications (UC) you need to experience it.

To configure your VVX phone, use the Polycom Web Configuration Utility 1. Obtain your phone IP address by tapping Settings from the phone Home view, then tap Status>Platform>Phone. Scroll down to see the IP address. 2. Open any web browser on a computer connected to the same network and enter the phone IP address in the address bar. 3. Press the Enter key. The Polycom Web Configuration Utility login screen...

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