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POLAR KaĹźdego dnia PDP 619/P


POLAR KaĹźdego dnia PDP 619/P
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Instrukcja dla: POLAR KaĹźdego dnia PDP 619/P
POLAR KaĹźdego dnia PDP 619/P

to modi?cation Document-No.: 4812 722 26302

27 .06.2006 / Page 2 Doc. No: 4812 722 26302

PDP 619/P PL 8580 420 49601

Whirlpool Europe Customer Service


Technical data
Dimension Height Width Depth Weight Gross Net Main connection Voltage Frequency Power Consumption Fuse rating Drum data Push button switch unit Volume Washing Spinning Capacity of dry laundry Loading - washing max. Heating Type Rated power draft: Voltage Tubular radiator 1900 W 230 V 5.0 kg 42 46 600 l rpm rpm Versio

Producent: POLAR
Pobrań: 373



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