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PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6361


PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6361
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Instrukcja dla: PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6361
PENTAGRAM Cerberus P 6361

Installation and Operation Manual


PENTAGRAM Cerberus [P 6361]

The latest versions of manual, drivers and applications are available on www.pentagram.eu 2011-08-16

PENTAGRAM Cerberus [P 6361]

Important information
Safety precautions
?Do not use or store the device in dusty places, where the humidity is high or in extreme temperatures. ?Do not operate the device with wet hands to avoid the risk of device damage or electric shock. ?Do not clean the device with chemicals, such as benzine or detergents ? always clean the device with a soft, dry cloth. ?Disconnect the device from the computer prior to cleaning. ?Do not modify or fix the device yourself in any way, it might void the guarantee. ?Do not drop or shake the device. ?Avoid using this product and all accessories outdoors. ?Only use the power adapter that comes with the package. Using a different voltage rating power adapter may damage the router.

Information concerning waste electronic equipment

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