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LG 42CS460


LG 42CS460
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Instrukcja dla: LG 42CS460
LG 42CS460

User Guide
This is a ?User Guide? installed on the TV.
The contents of this guide are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement.

??To set favourite programmes
SETTINGS ? SETUP ? Programme Edit
1 Press the Q.MENU button on the Programme Edit screen and select Favourite Group. 2 Select the desired programme. 3 Press the FAV button. The selected programme will be saved to your favourite.

??To use Favourite
Press the FAV button.
The favourite list will appear. Select the desired preset favourite programme from Favourite List A-D.

??Automatically Setting Up Programme
SETTINGS ? SETUP ? Auto Tuning
Automatically tunes the programmes. 1 Select Country where the TV is used. Programme settings change depending on the country you choose. 2 Initiate Auto Tuning. 3 Select Input Source of your choice. 4 Set Auto Tuning following screen instructions. ?? If Input Source is not connected properly, programme registration may not work....

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