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Huawei E585


Huawei E585
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Instrukcja dla: Huawei E585
Huawei E585

Thank you for choosing HUAWEI E585 Wireless Modem (hereinafter referred to as the E5).

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The supported functions and actual appearance are subject to your product purchased. The following pictures are provided for illustration only. For details about your product selection, consult your service provider. This guide briefly describes the functions of the E5. For details about how to set the management parameters, see the Help on the web management page. If the E5 is placed in an environment with poor ventilation, it will get heated after used for a long time. When the E5 gets heated to a certain extent, it will switch off or disconnect from the network automatically to protect itself. In this case, please expose the E5 in a well-ventilated place for heat dissipation and then restart the E5.

Getting to Know Your E5
Packing List
The package box contains the following items. If any of the items is lost or damaged, contact your local dealer.

Quick Start Safety Information...

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