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FUJI FinePix AX230


FUJI FinePix AX230
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Instrukcja dla: FUJI FinePix AX230
FUJI FinePix AX230



Before You Begin First Steps Basic Photography and Playback
More on Photography

Owner?s Manual
Thank you for your purchase of this product. This manual describes how to use your FUJIFILM A160, A170, A180, A220, A230 or A235 digital camera and the supplied software. Be sure that you have read and understood its contents before using the camera.
For information on related products, visit our website at http://www.fujifilm.com/products/index.html

More on Playback Movies Connections Menus Technical Notes Troubleshooting Appendix

Camera Q & A
Find items by task. Camera Setup
Question How do I set the camera clock Can I set the clock to local time when I travel How do I keep the monitor from turning off automatically How do I stop the camera beeping and clicking What are the parts of the camera called What do the icons in the monitor mean How do I use the menus What?s behind that flashing icon or error message in the monitor How much charge is left in the...

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