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Dell 220S/221S SCSI Storage Systems


Dell 220S/221S SCSI Storage Systems
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Dell 220S/221S SCSI Storage Systems

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Dell PowerVault 22xS Systems Upgrading to Ultra 320 EMMs
CAUTION: A CAUTION indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury, or death.

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This document describes how to upgrade your system by removing the primary and secondary Ultra 160 enclosure management modules (EMMs) and installing the Ultra 320 EMMs in your storage system. A system with redundant enclosure management features two EMMs that are designated as primary and secondary. A system with nonredundant enclosure management consists of one EMM and one SCSI terminator card. In redundant EMM systems, replace both Ultra 160 EMMs with the Ultra 320 EMMs. In nonredundant EMM systems, replace only the Ultra 160 EMM and leave the SCSI terminator card in place. EMMs and the SCSI terminator card are "warm-pluggable" and can be removed and installed without shutting down the storage system, provided all I/O to the...

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