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Creative Zen Style M100


Creative Zen Style M100
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Instrukcja dla: Creative Zen Style M100
Creative Zen Style M100

This user guide details the features of your Creative ZEN? Style. Creative ZEN Style is a music and video* player, voice recorder, and FM radio**, all rolled into one. It can also stream music output to Bluetooth ? compatible devices.** For setup and installation instructions, refer to the printed Quick Start leaflet that comes with your player.

*For transcoded videos only. **The FM radio and Bluetooth options are available on M300 only.

Your Player at a Glance
This section introduces your player and its parts. Click the numbered labels for more information.

Turning Your Player On and Off

To turn on your player

Slide the Power/Lock switch to The display screen lights up.

and hold for a few seconds.

To turn off your player

Slide the Power/Lock switch to

and hold until the Shutting down... message appears.

Selecting Menus and Options
Your player has menus and options from which you can select. This section explains the difference between menus and...

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