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BEKO EV 6102


BEKO EV 6102
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Instrukcja dla: BEKO EV 6102
BEKO EV 6102

Washing Machine Plně automatická pračka Automatická pračka Pralka automatyczna

EV 6102

1 - EN

1 Important safety instructions

This section contains safety instructions that will help protect from risk of personal injury or property damage. Failure to follow these instructions shall void any warranty.

General safety

? This product should not be used by persons with physical, sensory or mental disorders or unlearned or inexperienced people (including children) unless they are attended by a person Intended use who will be responsible for their safety or who ? This product has been designed for domestic will instruct them accordingly for use of the use. It is not suitable for commercial use and it product. must not be used out of its intended use. ? Never place the product on a carpet-covered ? The product must only be used for washing floor; Otherwise, lack of airflow beneath the and rinsing of laundry that are marked machine will cause electrical parts to...

Producent: BEKO
Pobrań: 328



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